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Some mount points, such as those created by the snapd service, may be 100% full at all times by design. cPanel's disk space monitoring will send notifications about full, or nearly full, mount points by default. Instead of disabling these notifications, ignoring them, or filtering them, we suggest excluding the desired mount points from being monitored as detailed below.



Place a unique portion of the desired mount point into the /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts file, which will not exist by default. For example, to exclude partitions such as these from disk space monitoring:



the text 'snapd' within /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts will result in the above two snapd mount points being excluded from disk space monitoring:

echo snapd >> /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts


Afterward, restart the chkservd daemon:


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